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BPC Origins

We understand – it’s personal. Our founder’s history is a personal journey. Dr. Panu Karanes, a former Thai Junior Tennis Champion, had the opportunity to turn pro. Instead, he became a Doctor, fully realizing his true potential. Being treated for injuries, and enduring strength training for events, was a routine part of Dr. Panu’s life up until the age of 18. He was the perfect patient for BPC!

Fortunately, he decided to follow his family tradition and became a doctor instead. Leveraging his medical talent, and inspired by his personal experiences with physiotherapy, Dr. Panu founded BPC. 

We want our patients to understand that their reason to seek out our help is our mission. We believe in bridging the gap between prevention and cure. All within a calm, and relaxing Zen oasis in the heart of Bangkok.

Remember, the human body has no spare parts. Become the best version of yourself with BPC today.

The BPC Team

The BPC Team

The BPC team is professional, experienced, and ready to focus on your specific needs. Supported by the latest technology, the most up-to-date equipment, and modern facilities, our team is here to serve you.

Why Choose BPC?

Why Choose BPC Highlight

Why Choose BPC?

  • Discover and treat the source of your pain
  • Personalized treatment and exercise plan
  • Expert physiotherapists with years of experience
  • Non-Surgical Alternative
  • Patient Focused, Evidence-Based Treatment Philosophy

Let Us Treat You

Whether you’re sick or in good health,
we have the best place to assist you.