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BPC Origins

We understand – it’s personal. Our founder’s history is a personal journey. Dr. Panu Karanes, a former Thai Junior Tennis Champion, had the opportunity to turn pro. Instead, he became a Doctor, fully realizing his true potential. Being treated for injuries, and enduring strength training for events, was a routine part of Dr. Panu’s life up until the age of 18. He was the perfect patient for BPC!

Fortunately, he decided to follow his family tradition and became a doctor instead. Leveraging his medical talent, and inspired by his personal experiences with physiotherapy, Dr. Panu founded BPC. 

We want our patients to understand that their reason to seek out our help is our mission. We believe in bridging the gap between prevention and cure. All within a calm, and relaxing Zen oasis in the heart of Bangkok.

Remember, the human body has no spare parts. Become the best version of yourself with BPC today.

The BPC Team

The BPC Team

The BPC team is professional, experienced, and ready to focus on your specific needs. Supported by the latest technology, the most up-to-date equipment, and modern facilities, our team is here to serve you.

Why Choose BPC ?

Our fully qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists are experts at diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions and injuries. Dealing with both acute and chronic conditions, our team can quickly pinpoint the root cause of your pain and recommend a course of treatment that will provide effective relief and a path to full recovery. We use the most advanced evaluation and treatment techniques to ensure the best results for every patient we serve.
When you visit our sports injury clinic in Bangkok, we will devise a treatment and exercise plan that is customized to meet your specific needs. Whatever type of condition you have, our team will create a treatment and rehabilitation plan that is designed to achieve positive results in the shortest timeframe possible. We work closely with our patients to ensure that the treatments we offer produce the desired outcome quickly and effectively. Whilst some conditions may take longer to treat than others, you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to facilitate a rapid recovery wherever possible.
Every member of our team is a fully qualified medical expert with many years of experience in the field of physiotherapy. We are highly motivated professionals who share a commitment to providing our patients with the very best care possible at all times. Our extensive experience, together with the latest equipment and technologies, enables us to provide you with the highest standard of treatment for all types of physical injuries and conditions.
We offer a non-surgical alternative for a variety of physical ailments, which is designed to ensure rapid recovery and rehabilitation. Whilst there are some conditions for which surgery is the best option, there are many others that respond very well to non-invasive physiotherapy techniques. If you would like to find out whether your specific condition can be effectively treated by a combination of manual therapy and exercise, please do not hesitate to contact us for an objective assessment.
Our sports physiotherapy specialists are able to achieve excellent results through a combination of clinical expertise and reference to the best available evidence from the latest research. Having evaluated your specific condition, we will propose a treatment and rehabilitation plan that takes your personal preferences and goals into account and that follows best practices and guidelines. Whatever your needs, our team will develop an effective, treatment plan that is right for you.
Why Choose BPC Highlight

Why Choose BPC?

  • Discover and treat the source of your pain
  • Personalized treatment and exercise plan
  • Expert physiotherapists with years of experience
  • Non-Surgical Alternative
  • Patient Focused, Evidence-Based Treatment Philosophy

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