Convenient Direct Billing and Insurance Payments at the Clinic

At Bangkok Physiotherapy Center, we understand that managing healthcare expenses can be a major patient concern. That’s why we are pleased to offer convenient direct billing and insurance payment options to help ease the financial and time burden.

Direct Billing at the Clinic

We proudly announce that our clinic accepts direct billing from many major insurance firms. This means that eligible patients can have your claims submitted directly to us, and we will coordinate with their insurance provider, saving you the hassle of having to pay out-of-pocket and then seek reimbursement.

How Does Direct Billing Work?

When you visit our clinic, simply present your insurance card or policy information at our reception (if you make an appointment in advance, it is highly recommended to send through your insurance details in advance so we can coordinate with your insurance firm for you the day before). Our highly trained reception team will verify coverage and eligibility and process the direct billing on your behalf. This means that you only have to show your card at the front desk and sign some paperwork that we have prepared for you in advance, the day of. Of course, all this is possible if your insurance policy accepts physiotherapy as part of your insurance policy.

Benefits of Direct Billing

Direct billing offers numerous benefits to our patients, including:

  • Convenience: No more paperwork or waiting for reimbursement. With direct billing, everything is taken care of at the time of your appointment.
  • Cost-Savings: By eliminating the need for out-of-pocket payments, direct billing can help you save money on upfront healthcare costs.
  • Time-Saving: With direct billing, you don’t have to spend time and effort filling out claim forms. Instead, you can rely on health insurance companies that have direct billing with us, such as LUMA Health Insurance to provide a cashless claims experience.
  • Ensures Timely Payment: With insurance direct billing, you can rest assured that your healthcare provider will be paid promptly for services rendered. This helps keep things running smoothly for everyone involved.

Eligible Insurance Providers

Our clinic is committed to providing seamless healthcare experiences, which includes offering direct billing and insurance direct payments for a wide range of insurance providers. We recommend checking with your insurance company to confirm if they participate in physiotherapy as part of your policy. Once again, please also ensure to bring your up-to-date insurance card or policy details during your clinic visit and if an appointment is made in advance, do send it before hand.

Our Commitment

Our team at the clinic is always available to guide you through the payment process, clarify any doubts, and help make your healthcare journey as stress-free as possible. Remember, direct billing and insurance direct payments are ways we take care of the administrative paperwork, so you can focus solely on your well-being. Our goal is to make healthcare access smooth, efficient, and worry-free for all our valued patients. Visit us today and experience the convenience of direct billing and insurance payment at our clinic. We look forward to serving you!  So, don’t hesitate to schedule your next appointment with us. We sincerely appreciate your decision to select our clinic as your trusted healthcare provider.  Let’s work together towards a healthier future, one visit at a time.