Bangkok Physiotherapy Center is dedicated
to raising physiotherapy in Bangkok to a
new standard.


Leading Physiotherapy Center in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Physiotherapy Center is dedicated to raising physiotherapy in Bangkok to a new standard. With the comfortable facilities, the experienced therapists, and the most up-to-date equipment, you can rest assured that your physiotherapy needs will be met with the highest standard of care available today. At BPC, the patient is our primary concern and our total focus.

What We Treat

BPC’s 4 step process was established by our team of expert physiotherapists to best guide you through a successful recovery while empowering patients to take charge of their health through our personalized exercise program.

Road To Recovery

The first step in recovering is to take away instant pain. We will use our state of the art machines including ultra sound, laser and shockwave machines to take away your discomfort and pain that your muscles are experiencing. This will then allow your body the ability to relax, to be able to get back to its full function.

RELAX Muscle

Using manual therapy, our therapists will use their ‘hands on’ clinical massage to loosen and improve the mobility of the joints, soft tissues and nerves. This will unbind your tense muscles and eventually provide the mobility leading to increased range of motion.

RANGE Increase

Once your muscles are loosened, our therapists will work on increasing your range of motion which will allow the no longer painful joint or muscle to extend closer to its full range. Doing this with our therapists involves moving in the correct direction, speed and technique to prevent any further complications. While you get stronger, it will lead to our recovery phase of exercising.


To complete the process, we will work on the correct form technique, and exercises with you to make sure that your pains and complications do not return, so that you can live a healthier and happier life, physically and mentally, spending more time with your loved ones.

Why Choose BPC?

Why Choose BPC Highlight

Why Choose BPC?

  • Discover and treat the source of your pain
  • Personalized treatment and exercise plan
  • Expert physiotherapists with years of experience
  • Non-Surgical Alternative
  • Patient Focused, Evidence-Based Treatment Philosophy

Let Us Treat You

Whether you’re sick or in good health,
we have the best place to assist you.

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