Mr. Aekapong Anthony Pansuwannakee
I've been doing therapy with Khun Boom for a while now.

From the beginning I couldn't lift my arm because of severe muscle inflammation, but my arm is so much better nowadays and Khun Boom is a big part of that.

She is a friendly and kind individual who really cares about her patients. She would always give her best to help me and will not end each session before she is certain that I really feel better. She would teach me how to exercise and train the muscles. Also, she is always punctual with every appointment.

Overall, I'm very impressed with her five stars service.

Polwat Palkawong Na Ayutthaya
First time I did physiotherapy was when I had office syndrome and it never went away, until I went to the right place and met the right person. Bum at BPC cleared me and solved my problems. She was very knowledgeable, attentive, and took down all my history before deciding to diagnose me. Since then, I’ve been a regular with Bum for years.

What was clear to me is that my symptoms went away rather quickly and Bum always showed me the way to exercise and strengthen my body so that my pain would not come back. Thankfully I have listened and I no longer have this problem.
Separately, I have also had knee injuries from sports and Bum has trained me to get back to playing football again.

Sakchai Phodingam
Today I would like to review the ankle pain that I have.

Reason? I have no idea why my calves hurt and I think it’s because they are not strong enough but I don’t know how to fix it. I have looked for numerous places to fix this problem but haven’t been successful until I met BPC.

The therapist who has worked with me is Bum. She is very professional.

Initially she starts by analyzing me and checking every part of my body. She asks me to twist, and turn and trial some moves to see where the pain is radiating from. Finally she provided me a diagnosis and a plan of how to improve and get to where I want to be.

We then used the Laser machines to reduce the pain and swelling I was having, and finally she massaged me and strengthened my calves with me. She also provided me several stretches and strengthening programs that I was able to follow at home.

I went to do therapy for 3 weeks and felt 70% better already which makes me very impressed with K. Bum. She follows up on my injury with me and how I feel after each round of therapy I do with her which is a great added benefit. It’s like I have a personal trainer all the time!

I would like to recommend K. Bum and BPC to anyone with pain, or issues with their daily life. I am certain they can help.

Manthana Srikalum
My job requires me to sit in front of a computer for prolonged hours which leads to my shoulders being in pain almost daily. Some days it gets as bad as a headache as well as becoming nauseous. It has made my life rather difficult.

However, I have since found BPC and was very impressed the first time I met K. Bum who is very friendly, down to earth and always gave me plenty of advice. She understood the pain I was feeling, and I felt assured that I was being treated by the right person.

She explained my pain, symptoms and why I was feeling the way I feel. Mainly this was due to my posture as well as my lack of strength in the shoulders. She also advised me on my sitting positions, changing my chairs, routine and finally strengthening my muscles. Then she used the ultra sound machine to take away the pain in my shoulders.

Finally K. Bum left me with stretches to follow at home and to reduce my stress and anxiety or the pain will never go away.
Initially, what I thought was a life long issue, was solvable because I met K. Bum and BPC. Now I can lead a pain free life, thanks to them. I can personally recommend the folks at BPC. Thank you everyone.

Pichet Hong Han
After my accident, and I was home for 1 month recovering, I got diagnosed with urinary tract infection and the staff at the hospital recommended that I should do. After 1 month of physiotherapy at the hospital, I got better. Oh, I forgot to mention, my accident left me paralyzed, and I am now in a wheelchair for life.

The physiotherapist who saved my life back then? K. Bum at BPC. She’s been a revelation to me and below is what I could do before physiotherapy and after physiotherapy.

1. Could not lift either side of my arms
2. I would faint very fast and feel dizzy all the time
3. I could hardly turn my neck left and right
4. I had less oxygen in my body

After Physiotherapy:
1. Both my shoulders a lot stronger and I’m able to paint again
2. I can sit for longer, prolonged periods and the dizziness is gone
3. I can turn left and right finally