Bad Golf Habits Can Lead to Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment

Golf is a popular pastime for many; a source of exercise, as well as a social activity that allows you to network and build relationships with business contacts away from the office. Many people take up golf precisely for the social and business opportunities it can provide. 

Lots of people begin golfing later in life, often beyond the age of thirty when the body begins to age, and minor aches and pains start to become a regular part of life. 

Many people are too eager to hit the links without having the proper conditioning for the physical aspects of the sport. They may find themselves in need of chronic lower back pain treatment after a few rounds of golf instead of relaxing in the clubhouse with their new business associates.    

Diving headlong into any new physical activity without the proper preparations and training is never a good idea. If your lifestyle involves a lot of time sitting at a desk and very little time spent exercising, it can be a disaster. 

And although golf looks like it’s a leisurely sport, it can easily cause chronic back pain because of poor posture when you’re playing, repetitive use of the same muscle group when you’re swinging a club, and failing to stretch sufficiently before and after playing. 

Preparation is Important in Any Sport

The fact that golf is responsible for so many chronic lower back pain cases requiring treatment is proof that although the sport looks deceptively easy on the body and muscles, every sport requires some training and level of fitness. 

Developing the proper posture and mechanics to smoothly and accurately swing a golf club is where every beginning golfer should start. Bad posture is one of the leading causes of chronic lower back pain that needs treatment. A golf pro will teach you the proper mechanics and posture involved in developing a good swing. They’ll ensure you’re not developing bad habits that can lead to chronic back pain every time you play.

Golf is a game that also requires you to use the same group of muscles for hours on end. A round of eighteen holes of golf lasts around four hours. If you forget to stretch before teeing up for the first hole, you can increase the amount of back pain you’ll be feeling at the end of the day. A golf pro will also teach you some stretching exercises to do before you head out on the course. 

Another wise move is to engage in other forms of exercise that work more than just the muscles used in golf. The stronger all your muscles are, the more they help support each other. Keeping all of your back muscles strong and healthy can help support the ligaments, discs and cartilage that can also be a source of chronic back pain. 

Chronic Lower Back Pain Needing Treatment

Sometimes even the best-trained athletes need treatment for chronic lower back pain. Tiger Woods is famously known for having chronic back issues at various points in his career.  

Seeking the best chronic lower back pain treatment is how these trained athletes are able to recover and get back on the course. Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC) is staffed by skilled therapists who can pinpoint the source of your back pain and put you on a course of treatment that can relieve you of the recurring pain.

4-step Process to Recovery

The first order of business is to relieve you of the constant pain that can interfere with your ability to perform normal daily activities. The therapists at BPC use shockwave, lasers and ultrasound machines to ease the pain and gently restore an increased range of motion. 

Using clinical massage, the therapists will loosen and improve the range of motion of the affected joints, ligaments and muscles. This massage will also improve the soft tissues and nerves.

The next step is to correct the movements causing the pain. The therapists will teach you the correct motion to use when performing the action that caused the pain in the first place. If you are a golfer, you may find that these include the same type of movements and exercises your golf pro recommended. 

The last step is to assist you in making a full recovery by creating a routine that uses the techniques and exercises shown to you in the corrective phase of the treatment. 

Get the Best Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment in Bangkok

The team of physiotherapists at BPC have years of experience in treating sports injuries. If you’re a golfer or any  athlete who experiences chronic lower back pain in Bangkok and wants the very best treatment, contact BPC to make an appointment today.